Make your own funny pictures

Make your own funny pictures

Tech October 15, 2015 20:23

- You know them to the comical graphics with a funny text striking out , popping up all over the Internet . Here we explain how you can participate in this craze by creating these so-called ' memes ' .

On websites such meme generator. namely, meme love. en memegen. ie you can choose from a lot of funny pictures that are perfectly suited for memes. It is also possible to upload your own images to make it a meme. Then you just have to add your own text, a line at the top of the image and a line at the bottom. On some sites you can also adjust the style and color of the text to your liking. Then you show meme and get the possibility to print out or share via email and various social media apps.

You can also save him naturlijk by clicking on it with the right mouse button and choose Save Image. In many cases, the memes are created through a website as well on the site itself to stand so that others can also use. If you prefer to use an app to make memes, there are a lot of different options for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. They all do about the same, so take a look at the number of downloads and stars to determine which probably will work best. This article is brought to you by Total

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