Make Siri personal assistant on your iPhone

Make Siri personal assistant on your iPhone

Tech April 22, 2016 14:42

- Since iOS 8.3 Siri speaks and understands Dutch well, and is not she but he was in our language. Perhaps you have the Apple assistant in a mellow mood ever asked some questions, but Siri can also be very useful. We show you how Siri bet as your personal assistant.

To use Siri you have to be activated assistant. Look have turned out if you Siri under Settings gt; General gt; Siri. When the slider next to 'Siri' is green, you can use the assistant by holding the home button. Siri can also be activated by saying Hey Siri on your device, but that only works if the option is turned on and your device is charging. In the menu to activate Siri you can find the option Allow Hey Siri, and here too the slider is to be green in order to use this feature. You can now use Siri as your personal assistant, and we are going below assume that you've already called him.

The main duties of a personal assistant are answering the phone, send messages and reply and keeping the agenda.

To record your phone you have Siri or not needed, but the assistant is calling contacts or easier. By simple call and then say you will phone that person directly call the name of the person. This even works with only the name of that person, even if that is difficult to Siri as you have in your contact list, several people with the same name. A name usually helps all, but otherwise you can contact also give a nickname. Making a call with FaceTime is similarly possible with Siri.

Siri also reads like your iMessages before and can also be used to respond to your messages. You only have to say read my last post to or read my last message... in front of. Siri reads the message, though it works only with the last message. The assistant guess even with you, because he asks after you read it to reply to the message, and that is quite simple. You just have to dictate the message and Siri prescribes it for you. If your message is ready Siri asks if you are satisfied and if the message can be sent. Fixing work with your voice, but you can also cancel or send tapping. You can not just answer with Siri, but also send a message by saying, for example send a message.... or send... a message. After this it works again same as when replying to a message.

The reading and dictating also works for emails and notes. Though reading long emails and notes not recommended unless you can listen long to a robot-like voice.

Sending messages with Siri.

A personal assistant holds course your agenda and thereby Sirije may also be of assistance. Would you for instance know what arrangements you tomorrow in your agenda, then you What's tomorrow in my blog ?. You can also request directed to arrangements with a person. But it does not stop there, because Siri is also planning appointments for you. Schedule an appointment to say 9. 00 and Siri asks you afterwards what the appointment. You can also already take place in this question: Schedule an appointment for Saturday at 10. 00 at the hairdresser. If you want to move an appointment than Siri does that for you. You just have to ask...

Siri plant agreements and resistance them for you.

It is useful if you Siri appears that agreements on time and as glad to help you. A simple alarm clock to put 7. 00 is enough for the wizard to set the alarm set. If you are already awakened to your alarm clock which you can back off the same way. The same applies to the timer function. After putting timer to 5 minutes the timer immediately run and then pause, resume and stop voting. Furthermore, Siri can tell you as the time in another country or tells you what the date is over a number of days.

Are you afraid that you forget appointments or you should not forget to bring a document to a meeting? Then you can set a reminder with Siri for a specific time. It works the same as making an appointment in your calendar.

Siri set your alarm clock and timer.

These are just a few of the key features that Siri can be of service, but the assistant can do even more. Apple has all the tasks you can perform with Siri put down in a handy overview. That list can be found by clicking the question mark bottom left of the screen, tap if you start the wizard. So you can read what you have to say for example to launch the YouTube app or Bluetooth and Airplane mode on and off. In addition there are in the list even more commands to apps and features that we have discussed above.

There are plenty of opportunities with Siri.

The Siri search still leaves something to be desired in the Dutch version. The assistant to tell you do remember who Willy and Wanda or give you information about a city, but want to convert euros to dollars, he will refer you to links on the internet. The English-language Siri is here that further and even tells you what planes are flying over. In next versions of iOS, starting with iOS 10, that gap can be reduced.

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