Macron in the USA: do not turn your back on the world

Macron in the USA: do not turn your back on the world

World April 25, 2018 18:15

washington - French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the Americans not to turn away from the world. In a speech to the US Congress, he pointed out to politicians the decisive role that their country has played in 'creating and guarding the free world as we know it today.'

Macron is making a three-day visit to the US and met with US President Donald Trump, whom he seems to be able to handle. Nevertheless, the French leader often takes other positions than his American colleague, for example about the Paris Climate Agreement and the wish of Trump to withdraw US troops from Syria.

Macron told Congress on Wednesday that it might be tempting to use isolationism and nationalism as a 'temporary solution to our fears. '' But closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world, 'warned the French president, who mentioned problems facing the international community. He referred among other things to nuclear weapons, social inequality and climate change.

The president urged his audience not to close their eyes to such 'new risks. '' Strengthening our cooperation is the only option, 'said Macron, who further warned about the consequences of polluting the oceans and destroying biodiversity. 'We are killing the planet. We have to face it: There is no planet B, 'he said.

President Trump said earlier to look at his colleague's speech. 'He will do great,' predicted Trump on Twitter.

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