Machinists prepared for new Kamper line

Machinists prepared for new Kamper line

World August 26, 2017 21:39

swedish - On Monday, the renewed Kamper line, the track between Zwolle and Kampen, will be taken into use. The line is then ready for electric trains. The traveler does not notice much, ProRail says, but for engineers it changes a lot. They therefore get instructions with an extensive photo report.

For example, the speed goes to Kampen Station from 100 to 140 kilometers per hour. Also, the (distant) placement of signals has been portrayed. Station Zwolle Stadshagen has not finished yet and has been shut down with fences. The photos should help to get 'road familiarity', ProRail sets.

Now that the line is ready for electric trains, it has also become a lot more environmentally friendly. The new carrier Syntus takes over the trajectory of NS at the end of the year.

For alignment of the Kamper line hundreds of posts for the overhead line have been installed, many kilometers of cables and pipes are renewed and the security has been modified. The whole line got a makeover: underground, ballast (track gate), sleepers (bullets) and rails were replaced.

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