Lynch attack on Russian racist

Lynch attack on Russian racist

World May 21, 2017 06:18

cancún - In a stormy crowd of a house in the Mexican city of Cancún, where a Russian man sheltered, a Mexican man died.

Aleksei Makejev had conquered the Mexican's rage after making videos and insulting and racist texts about local people through videos on social media. The video also shows Nazi symbols and shows that Rus carries a tattoo of a crochet cross.

Makeyev put down a young man at the siege of his house. The Mexican later died in a hospital of his injuries. The robbers threatened Makejev with death at the siege of the house where the Russian had discovered unknown injuries and was transported to the hospital.

According to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several complaints have already been filed against the Russian, and he would already be on the nomination to resign to Russia. The Russian Embassy in Mexico City had no comments.

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