London takes away pronunciations Minister

London takes away pronunciations Minister

World December 8, 2016 15:24

london - The British government has Foreign Minister Boris Johnson rebuffed, after he had spoken critically about ally Saudi Arabia. The minister said according to a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May in the title when he Riyadh accused as a 'puppet' to control armed groups in other countries.

Johnson made the statement according to British media last week at a conference in Rome. He said that countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are guilty of waging war by proxy, in which fighting is outsourced to other parties. He also complained about politicians who misuse religion for their own purposes.

After images of the speech had emerged, May felt compelled to emphasize that these are not the official position of the British government. The prime minister expressed support for the Saudi military intervention in Yemen. It is in British diplomatic circles not done to openly criticize allies.

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