Login without password

Login without password

Tech October 15, 2015 20:51

- Internet company Yahoo today is not really seen as a bastion of innovation. However, the company now comes with an innovative way of logging . A password is in fact no longer needed.

Yahoo already rolled out a feature called On-Demand Passwords. Here, a unique password sent to the user's smartphone, whenever he wants to login. This allows hackers simply can not guess or force a password because it is unique for each login.

The new option is also the temporary password on beaten. Users associate a specific phone to their Yahoo! profile, and this is to login. Once the site is requested and the email address is entered, the corresponding smartphone displays a notification. If approved, the user is immediately logged.

The new login method is much safer than using a password because it is only possible to log in when the person in question has the paired smartphone with him. Should it be lost or stolen, then through a second e-mail still be created a password.


Besides the new login method Yahoo has unveiled a number of other innovations for its mail service. It is now also possible to mail from other services in the Yahoo-tray run. Links to include Microsoft Outlook are now possible. Gmail is only to wait, though according to the company or to be doing here. Finally, the company has its mobile mailapp significantly overhauled. It is possible to social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect to the service, so that information about contacts is completed automatically and adjusted if necessary.

Both the new login options like the new app this week.

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