Lobster with four claws spotted

Lobster with four claws spotted

World March 11, 2016 21:10

portland - An American fishmonger did this week a very special find. An employee of Ready Seafood Co. from Portland (Oregon) discovered a lobster with four claws, instead of the usual two. To make it even more confusing, the animal, on the one arm and three claws on the other, only one.

Ichthyologist Curt Brown has more than ten years never seen such a strange creation in the fishing industry, he says in the local media. 'If they just had two claws, he was now probably somewhere in a restaurant in Shanghai. 'This unique specimen, however, will be transferred to scientists.

Genetic abnormalities in lobsters are not uncommon. For example, blue lobsters are sometimes observed. According to American scientists is that, for every two million lobsters once. A deviation not previously observed on the claws as in Portland.

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