Little boy (9) blind after looking in beam laser pen

Little boy (9) blind after looking in beam laser pen

World September 5, 2018 14:16

essex - He can no longer recognize the faces of his friends and can no longer read them. The 9-year-old Archie Mapson has become blind after looking in the beam of a laser pen for a few seconds. Doctors said that the English boy suffered serious eye damage: 'as if a bullet went through his eye'.

Archie is no longer able to play sports, to recognize the faces of his friends, to read or to cross the street on his own, due to the large black spots in his field of view. This is how Mirror reports.

The beam of the laser pen has caused so much damage to Archie that there are scars and damage on the retina of both his eyes. According to doctors, the damage is irreversible.

Archie's eye color is also affected by the beam of the laser pen.

The mother of Archie, Emma Carson, claims that she bought the laser pen in an English toy store. The shop assistant had already said that one should not look directly into the beam, but her inquisitive son could not hold herself.

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