LinkedIn also compensation for Dutch

LinkedIn also compensation for Dutch

Tech November 2, 2015 00:52

- Dutch also be able to claim compensation up to $ 1500 for users of LinkedIn for sending unsolicited e-mails.

That has a claim on this agency that arranged with LinkedIn, Gilardi and Co., Announced on BNR. IT Office at Brandeis lawyer Christiaan Alberdingk states that do well for a Dutchman to receive such a fee.

The fees are intended for people who have used the AddConnection functionality between September 2011 and October 2014. LinkedIn allows users gave the command personal email contact search to find new LinkedIn connections.

People with LinkedIn account were invited to enter into a connection with the sender. There was no account, then the receiver was invited there to create one. Although that was not illegal, were a reminder mails LinkedIn then sent to the e- mail contacts with name and photograph there of the sender, on the other hand not be sent.

Photo: AFP

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