Lifetime possession neppistool

Lifetime possession neppistool

World November 6, 2016 05:06

- Who will be held in China with fake guns, could be sentenced to life imprisonment. The government does not see them as innocent toys.

'Shoot me with my arms! If I am slain by them, then you know that I was guilty, 'the 20-year-old Liu Dawei shouted in court Quanzhou, in southern Fujian Province, when he heard that he was in the Chinese lick should spend the rest of his life.

Liu had recently arrested for arms smuggling. The young Chinese thought at first of a joke when he was questioned by police, but soon the seriousness of the situation penetrated him.

China has one of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to fake weapons. The authorities in the communist country are terrified of incidents. Also with fake weapons can indeed be caused unrest.

Liu's father said that his son just ideal hunted down: part of the Chinese army. 'That's what he always wanted,' said Liu Xingzhong. ' My son was playing with plastic guns when he was three. He deserves it because he wants to defend his country? '

Recently, it was decided that there will again look at the issue.

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