Legend oil disappears from North Sea

Legend oil disappears from North Sea

World December 30, 2016 12:15

- After forty years of service is dismantled a giant European oil history next year. Drilling platform Brent Delta Royal Dutch Shell, 500 kilometers off the Scottish coast and situated 24,000 tons, is the first of a generation that disappears.

The platform with towers and helipads been home to thousands of Shell employees who benefited from the 1970 crude oil demand. In the area of ​​Brent Alpha, Brent Bravo and Charlie Brant only the last still in production.

Brent is certainly British prosperity. In its heyday made the 500 000 barrels per day to have enough energy to half of the households to keep warm island and provide light. Taxes is a small € 25 billion entered the London Treasury flood.

Brent Delta has persevered forty years thanks to a full source, which is twice as large pale than was estimated. The preparation began with the complete boycott by oil cartel OPEC in 1973, including the Netherlands, which supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

Dismantling Shell is immense. She is an example for a whole generation rigs that disappears from the horizon. In May 2017 the dismantling starts when the British government gives permission. Later, following the lifting Brent Delta. Enjoyed kind-on-legs the size of the Eiffel Tower are dismantled worldwide.

Shell brings outfitting the headache back of the Brent Spar, synonymous with the strategy of the redundant oil rigs relatively inexpensive to sink into the sea around 1995.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Shell said it had learned, consults with environmental organizations, but would leave the big legs. Depleting would cause more environmental damage than drains. The UK government is concerned about damage to the network of pipelines on the bottom.

The dismantling of the old platform costs a fortune at a time when the oil is removed from its peak. Shell has money set aside and convinced separate project that these giants have to reduce as environmentally friendly as possible. But owners of similar oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Brunei and Malaysia can not be said with certainty.

Types Brent Delta are scarce. New, easily accessible oil fields are becoming scarce. The ancient sources in the North Sea yielded 500 million barrels per day, according to the University of Aberdeen are new finds much smaller: they provide no more than 20 million barrels per day. At a price below $ 50 per barrel to make them not viable economically.

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