Le Pen 'winked' to Fillon

Le Pen 'winked' to Fillon

World May 2, 2017 09:24

paris - Marine Le Pen delivered a speech of a speech of the conservative presidential candidate François Fillon's word in a poll in a poll. Her opponents scorned the plagiarism on social media, but according to deputy party leader Florian Philippot, it was 'a wink' for Fillon, intended to 'launch a real debate' about the French identity.

The right-hand Le Pen will take on the next Sunday in the decisive second round of French presidential elections against center candidate Emmanuel Macron. According to surveys, Macron is likely to beat her with about 60 percent of the votes at 40 percent, but Le Pen does everything to make the difference smaller.

In her application in Villepinte north of Paris, Le Pen had about France's long and fierce history. Like Fillon, two weeks earlier, she spoke of the 'three maritime borders' of France, the 'Rhine border' with Germany and the border with 'Italy, our sister.' 'They also took passages about' waiting lists for the Alliance Française in Shanghai, Tokyo or Mexico, and for French secondary education in Rabat or Rome. '

With the words of Fillon, Le Pen wanted to 'show that she is not sectarian,' said Philippine.

Le Pen's campaign leader David Rachline said her speech was a kind of tribute to Fillon. The reference 'was appreciated, among others, by all Fillon fans', he claimed on television.

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