Lawsuit US to faulty packaging pill

Lawsuit US to faulty packaging pill

World November 12, 2015 08:30

- In the United States, 113 women dragged the pharmaceutical company Qualitest to court, because it has sold incorrectly packaged birth control pills. The women claim millions because it have lead to unwanted pregnancies.

A number of women demanding that the pharmaceutical company the educational and training costs reimbursed for their child under 18 years.

The pills are packaged in a uitdrukstrip showing the order in which they should be taken. For the menstrual period were seven placebo pills in the strip. Qualitest packed has accidentally the pills in the reverse order. The placebo pills are therefore taken in a week in which it was not intended.

Qualitest noticed the flaw in September 2011 and put a voluntary recall on. According to the company was that as a precaution, as a " extremely small number of " pills proved wrong packed. The company claims to have knowledge of the sale of one parcel wrongly packaged pills.

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