Lafontaine wants new left-wing people's party

World December 30, 2017 12:12

berlin - Oskar Lafontaine, former chairman of the party Die Linke, calls for the formation of a new left-wing people's party in Germany. He says Saturday in the magazine Der Spiegel that Die Linke and a part of the Greens and the Social Democratic SPD should join forces in that new party.

In the interview Lafontaine denounces the fragmentation of links in Germany. 'We need a redeployment. Only then there is a chance that the left will come to power again. '

In the interview, Lafontaine makes it clear that he has little confidence in SPD leader Martin Schulz. The SPD lost a lot during the last elections and did not intend to step into a new coalition again. Because the negotiations about a government with CDU / CSU, Greens and Liberals broke, the SPD is still in the picture for government participation.

Lafontaine was at the end of the nineties for the SPD Minister of Finance. Later he stepped out of that party. Together with former communists from the GDR he formed Die Linke.

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