Kurds Iraq suspends referendum results

World October 25, 2017 05:57

cairo - The Kurdish regional government offered Wednesday to temporarily freeze the results of the recent referendum on independence. This calls the Kurds to a ceasefire and an immediate end to all military operations in northern Iraq.

The government wants an open dialogue with the central government in Iraqi capital, Baghdad, based on the constitution of the country. The Kurdish government says in a statement that she 'is forced to act responsibly to prevent further violence'.

Residents of the Autonomous Kurdish region spoke a month ago in a referendum on independence. According to the electoral commission, 92 percent voted for independence. The Iraqi government rejected the results and sent troops to northern Iraq and the town of Kirkuk, where the Kurdish troops often withdraw. Internationally, there is little support for an independent Kurdistan. Neighbors Turkey and Iran and also the EU and the US are against a Kurdish state.

The main Kurdish parties decided last Monday that the presidential elections, scheduled for November 1 in the Kurdish region, have been postponed for the time being.

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