Kremlin does not respond to Skripal rumors

Kremlin does not respond to Skripal rumors

World October 1, 2018 14:48

moscow - The Kremlin no longer wants to respond to 'discussions in the media' about the identity of two suspects in the Skripal case, the former spy who survived a murder attempt in Salisbury. The suspects declared themselves to be businessmen who have nothing to do with the case, but according to Bellingcat research network they actually work for the Russian military intelligence service GROe.

The Kremlin now says that it no longer wants to talk to journalists about rumors about the identity of one of the men who used the name Roeslan Bosjirov. 'The BBC can not confirm anything. The BBC can only come up with assumptions ', said a government spokesperson according to news agency TASS. 'Since the whole discussion has taken place at the level of the media, we do not want to participate there as Kremlin. '

The attack on Skripal with nerve gas has put pressure on the relationship between Moscow and London. The British authorities believe that Moscow is behind the incident and have published photos of two suspects in the case. That duo later appeared on Russian television. The men told as tourists to visit Salisbury, where Skripal has been poisoned.

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