Kremlin critic partially blind after attack

Kremlin critic partially blind after attack

World May 2, 2017 18:36

moscow - The Russian opposition seems to be literally blind. Opposition leader Aleksej Navalny threatens to lose sight of his right eye completely after being thrown by an attacker with a chemical blend last Thursday.

'We are trying to do everything in order to get the eye clear again,' writes Navalny on his Facebook page. 'If that does not work (and that's unfortunately possible) then Russia will get a president with a stylish white eye. 'The attack was carried out with the green disinfectant Zeljonka, which caused Navalny to be hit before. According to his doctors, this is mixed with an unknown aggressive chemical substance that damaged the cornea. Day after the attack on Navalny, an activist of the opposition party Jabloko, Natalja Fjodorovna, was also hit by a Zeljonka guardian. Her eyesight is currently partly gone.

The tune of the Forty Navalny sounds laconic. But, according to insiders, the fear is that the Kremlin has launched a campaign to smash all criticism of President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. At the end of March, Navalny got 80,000 cities across Russia to get tens of thousands of people protested against the alleged corruption and self-enrichment of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who does not only hold palaces but also in Italy has a castle with vineyards. According to Navalny, the recent attack was organized by the Kremlin, because the images of the attack have now been brought out by the Kremlin-based REN TV channel.

'They are quite shocked by the mass protests in the Kremlin,' says a Russian state television journalist who wants to remain anonymous. 'One wants to go straight in the coming months. '

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The renowned director and Oscar winner Nikita Michailkov, a loyal palin of Putin, accuses Navalny of abusing children for his political goals and implicitly pleading for censorship. Doemalid Jelena Mizoelina goes on and wants to complete Russia as a whole from the internet. 'That's the best way to protect the people. '

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