Koenders stresses hotline with Russians

Koenders stresses hotline with Russians

World December 2, 2015 11:48

brussels - The conflict between Turkey and Russia should not escalate further. That is the main commitment of the consultations which the 28 NATO countries have Tuesday in Brussels.

" It is incredibly important that many more military contacts between NATO and Russia is ", said Minister Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs). And at the political level, regular consultations within the NATO- Russia Council should be brought back under way, said the minister.

NATO member Turkey lap last week a Russian fighter in the sky, which the relationship between the two countries deteriorated sharply. " During the Cold War we talked about these things with the Russians. There were hotlines, so that should now be able to also. "

It is now important that the temperature between Erdogan and Putin goes down, continued Koenders. " Because no one needs a conflict between NATO and Russia. "

Turkey is looking for " ", care measures Koenders summarized. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said earlier in the day that several countries have offered to provide assistance in order to better monitor Turkish airspace. So send the Germans and Danes previously navy ships to the Mediterranean. The Turks are satisfied with the support pledged by NATO countries, said Koenders.

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