Just fill in the moon

Just fill in the moon

World October 15, 2015 11:57

- It sounds like a science fiction story but scientists are convinced that rockets off even on the moon to Mars in the future will stop to refuel. It is a relatively small detour , but in a rocket traveling through the moon is less than 68 percent of the weight saved.

Which scientists at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology calculated.

Storage of fuel on the moon is relatively simple and the fuel savings would be considerable. The cost to launch a rocket from Earth in space because of the weight ratio is particularly high. Scientists went for a trip to Mars is always a straight line from the earth. The savings to travel moon through the stop sign, make a return march for a missile with people aboard suddenly much more real.

The distance from Earth to Mars is about 225 million kilometers. To the moon is only 384.000 kilometers .

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