Journalist released the hotel Erdogan

World November 8, 2017 14:39

istanbul - The Turkish journalist who revealed in an article just before the coup last year in what hotel President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stayed, is released on bail by his employer. Reporter Glumen Ulu earlier complained that he was accused of a 'compiled' \u0026 # x27; \u0026 # x27; crime.

The authorities suspect Ulu, who works for Opposition Crime, Sözcü, of aid to a terrorist organization. Erdogan escaped last year to the rebel soldiers who stormed his hotel. Prosecutors charge the Ulu that he has exposed the president to risks by awarding his location.

Sözcü announced Wednesday that Ulu is released on bail. This is expected to happen later in the day. Ulu kept the court according to the newspaper that there is no evidence against him. He has been stuck for months.

The journalist is not the only employee of the newspaper who is assaulting a cell punishment. Thus, the justice prosecutes the founder of Sözcü to lead a terrorist organization. Furthermore, several Ulu colleagues have been arrested.

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