Jihadi John forcing inmates to dance

Jihadi John forcing inmates to dance

World November 13, 2015 14:15

amsterdam - Horrific abuses, weird songs and the obligatory dance of tango. Not only was ideologically ' Jihadi John ' completely turned, even in daily contact with prisoners was the most famous of all IS- executioners, Thursday presumably set off by a US drone, complete the toad.

A month ago did the Danish freelance photographer Daniel Rye Ottosen, on 19 June last year after thirteen months imprisonment tentative last hostage was released, his story about life in the dungeons of the Islamic State. Rye Ottosen was stuck since May 16, 2013, one day after the Turkish-Syrian border was crossed to capture daily life in a war zone. "'Will you dance?" He asked in a threatening tone, "recalls Rye Ottosen (26) is a bizarre incident with Mohammed Emwazi (27), Jihadi Johns real name. "He picked me up, and then we had together dance the tango- John and me. "The passionate Argentine dance as foreplay for a beating because all Jihadi John did with his prisoners ended with a sound thrashing. Rye Ottosen: "I kept my head down- look him in the eyes meant more hits- and my arms up. He carried me all dancing through the prison. Suddenly changed it, he threw me down and he hit and kicked me. Finally he and his mates threatened me to cut off my nose. "Hotel CaliforniaHet story of Rye Otto Sens captivity was recorded by a Danish journalist and published in book form. "I had to sing the Eagles Hotel California, but with a custom text:" Welcome to Osama's lovely hotel Such a lovely place, Such a lovely place. You will never leave Osama's lovely hotel, and if you try, you will die, Mr. Bigley-style. '' Ken Bigley was beheaded in 2004 by Al-Qaeda, whose Syrian branch would evolve later into IS. Jihadi John was one of four torturers with a British accent- together they were cynically called the Beatles. " In the only interview Rye Ottosen gave his captivity, the Danish public broadcaster, the photographer tells exactly which four guards were the worst. "When they entered the prison, you smoke it. Sometimes you smoke even though the Beatles as they approached the jail. Then we all went with our arms up against the wall- just in case they were real. "Chain Jihadi John and his fellow'strijders' Rye Ottosen tried to force a confession that he was a CIA agent. "They were very good in torturing, knew exactly how far they could go. I was hung from the ceiling with a chain, cuffed hands above my head. I was able to stand but I had to maintain than a full day. "When the IS'ers threatened that he would have to stand for three days, Rye Ottosen saw no choice but to take his own life. "I wanted no part of this world, so I have tried to hang on to my chain. "The Dane came free after a fundraiser on Facebook yielded the required two million euros in ransom. His four fellow inmates, James Foley, David Haines, Alan Henning and Steven Sotloff were later beheaded- the British and American authorities were responding to the demands of IS not, the Danes did.

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