Japan warns of possible tsunami

World December 19, 2017 11:21

tokio - The Japanese government warns that an earthquake with a force of 9 may occur within the foreseeable future for the east coast near Hokkaido. The quake can cause a huge tsunami.

Approximately four hundred years ago a heavy earthquake occurred in the same place and according to the earthquake investigators such great quakes are every 340 to 380 years. The last time it happened there was a tsunami of 20 meters high and flooded the area 4 kilometers inland.

The researchers presented their long-term forecasts on Tuesday. According to them, there is a 7 to 40 percent probability that such a severe earthquake will occur in the next thirty years. The port city of Nemuro runs the risk of being hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 to 8.6 in the same period, reports The Japan Times from the report.

An earthquake with a force of more than 8 almost always causes great destruction.

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