Italian daughter (26) demands and receives pocket money

Italian daughter (26) demands and receives pocket money

World September 8, 2017 05:03

rome - A 26-year-old woman from the northern Italian province of Pordenone has defended her father for the court because she does not receive enough pocket money from him. The judge has decided to give her a right. Her father must provide her living for at least another two years.

After the father had discouraged how her daughter did not perform a whistle, she did not work and still enrolled at the university, although she had to graduate for a long time, he decided to give her twenty euros a week. She lives with him and further caters for her primary life needs.

Daughter loved the amount but nothing. She summed up what she needed and came to a total of 2. 577 euros a month that her father had to cope with her. She demanded this from him via the court. The daughter won the case, the court has in fact decided that her father should spend more, even though the amount is much lower than she had claimed.

As in November, his daughter still does not know any examinations, his patience is really up, so Palief has already told. Then he will permanently stop the study allowance, even if there is a new lawsuit.

Previously, a judge in Milan had obliged parents to maintain their son until his 34th, even though they did not work and did not study it despite enrollment at the university.

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