'It was his gun, not to race '

'It was his gun, not to race '

World July 9, 2016 20:03

- The policeman who shot a black motorist in the state of Minnesota, said he shot because the man showed a weapon, not because of his race.

So says the lawyer agent Jeronimo Yanez against Associated Press. The girlfriend of the victim Philando Castile, who was in the car with their four-year-old daughter, began after the shooting caused a live video on Facebookdie fuss.

The girlfriend says in the film that Castile had said to the policeman that he had a gun license, and that he followed the instructions of the officer before he was shot.
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'He tried his identity and take his wallet from his pocket and told the agent that he had a gun with him. He reached for his wallet and the cop just shot him in the arm, 'said the girlfriend.

The agent, who is Latino himself, was deeply moved, according to his lawyer by the event. It cooperates fully with the investigation. The lawyer wants in connection with the investigation did not elaborate on what exactly occurred before the girlfriend began filming.

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