IS shows heavy weapons in video

IS shows heavy weapons in video

World December 13, 2015 17:35

amsterdam - That bombing did not prevent Islamic State drives around with captured heavy weapons, according to a fifteen minute video that has spread the terror yesterday via Twitter, and Youtube Telegram.

The images show how the ' 3rd armored brigade of al- Farouq tearing around with tanks, amphibious vehicles and armored vehicles, which are captured in the fighting. The video is titled 'And the meeting will be Dabiq ', a reference to the apocalyptic final battle according to the sectarian terror group in that city will take place.Or IS armored account can actually maintain over the long term bet on the battlefield is otherwise mar highly questionable. Possibly the material only remains functional as long as nothing breaks. In the meantime, the terrorist group in any case very busy with making propaganda images of the armored vehicles.

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