Iran delivered rocket to Houthi rebels

World November 7, 2017 16:30

new york - America accuses Iran of delivering the missile to Houthi rebels in Yemen fired in July on a target in neighboring Saudi Arabia. The United States has asked the UN to call Iran to account for violating two UN resolutions.

US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley said on Tuesday that information from Saudi Arabia shows that it was an Iranian Qiam missile. A type of weapon that broke out for the conflict in Yemen was not present in that country, according to Haley. She said the missile that was fired on Saudi Arabia on Saturday was 'also of Iranian origin.'

Under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, a coalition is trying to overthrow the Iran-supported Houthi rebels from Yemen. The Saudi crown prince described Iran's arms supplies on Tuesday as 'direct military aggression' that could be seen as a war crime.

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