'IPhone8 leaves in store'

'IPhone8 leaves in store'

World June 5, 2017 11:45

- An exception to Apple: a reduction of the share on the advice of Pacific Crest research firm. The new iPhone8 would leave, not to be released until October.

Investors can better engage in Google's parent company Alphabet, with more potential, according to Pacific Crest.

Analyst Andy Hargreaves is one of the few who also sees a shadow side at the launch of the new show, the iPhone8.

Apple, according to the analyst, most appeals with supply problems that may bring the device to consumers later than previously thought.

In addition, there are risks that the margin, after several quarters of record conversions, remains unchanged per sold device. In the US, the share of the gray trade fell by 1.2%.

He adds to eight analysts who have put Apple back to the advice, 37 advise investors to purchase the company with $ 810 billion market value. No analysts have issued a sales advice for Apple.

This year, Apple shares 34% profit on the stock market, against Alphabet with 26% annual profit.

Beginning last month, the share went to a peak. But Hargreaves expects Apple to lose $ 10 in the coming year, up to $ 145 per share.

The critical notes of Hargreaves come when Apple presents itself to the WWDC on Monday, the biggest contender for developers.

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