Invoices may also in other languages

World June 21, 2016 10:15

luxembourg - Flemish companies that send their accounts to another EU country should also prepare in English or another language. That the European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday.

The Flemish law now requires that companies established in Flanders to prepare their accounts in Dutch. If not, they are invalid.

The court in Luxembourg has now determined that it is in conflict with European law, in particular the free movement of goods. Parties must be able to prepare invoices in a language they understand, according to the judges. That makes the risk of a payment quarrel smaller.
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The court had asked advice Ghent in a case concerning a Flemish bill for an Italian pharmaceutical company. Which was written in Italian and therefore invalid.

Flanders, the law has to adapt now. It may well be the requirement that a Dutch translation is necessary.

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