Interpret with hands in her around Trump

Interpret with hands in her around Trump

World June 6, 2017 11:27

washington - Many foreign interpreters do not know what they are facing by the US President Donald Trump. The translation of Trumps words mainly causes problems in Asian countries. For how do interpreters have to explain the president's often coarse call to polite television viewers?

Recently, Trump did something unexpected: during his speech last week he made out of the climate agreement in Paris, he embraced grammar and correct sentence construction. You could almost breathe his scriptwriters to breathe. Many interpreters should have responded in a similar way: they have been struggling since Trump's adopts in the English language, British Guard The Guardian signs up after talks with different translators.

When Trump recently explained why he had fired FBI James Comey, he called this a complete idiot. Japanese interpreters faced a difficult dilemma: for how did they translate the American 'utility job' in such a way that viewers would not be offended? Eventually, they chose the more neat word 'henjin', which is used to describe an eccentric person.

The 'humiliating way' to which he talks about women is also a thorn in the eyes of translators in Japan. The realization that it was bothered was the result of last year's release of the President's audio fragment, which was told how Trump wanted to grab women at their cross. 'I'll grab them by the pussy,' said Trump when he was in a bus in 2005 with a television presenter.

'We had a big problem,' says Japanese translator Professor Chikako Tsuruta, who is associated with Tokyo University. 'If we wanted to use the Japanese word pushii, many people did not even understand what he meant by that. We played safely with the Japanese word for female genitalia. We are still uncomfortable. '

Rajesh Pandey, who translates articles about Trump for India's largest newspaper, tries to leave Trumps's language as much as possible. 'We keep it rough and fair,' said Pandey, comparing Trump with his predecessor. 'Obama's language is graceful and stylish. Trump lacks style. '

'Trump is difficult to follow even in English,' says Anshuman Tiwari, editor of IndiaTiday India magazine. 'His speech is unclear and contradictory. But when we translate his speeches in Hindi, making current sentences and adding some context, he suddenly sounds a lot more intelligent. '

Recently, Trump became very creative. 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe,' he tweeted. Either: 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe'. Nobody understood what the US president meant to say, so the twisted crowds went wild with the wildest theories, the most diverse jokes and complete video explaining how to pronounce covfefe.

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