Internet monitoring children

Internet monitoring children

Tech November 5, 2015 16:15

- Children increasingly need a tablet in making their homework, but how do you as a parent watching or not to use the device to Netflix, Facebook or Instagram visit ? Disney comes with a device that can provide the solution.

Circle with Disney is a small square device that should be connected to the home network. The device comes with an accompanying app where each user can then determine how much time should be devoted to a particular app or website.

Parents can see exactly where their children have spent their time online through the app, both apps are monitored as individual websites. At this time however is that only when children have used the wifi network at home. Next year it is also possible to monitor mobile internet.

In addition, via the Circle with Disney as possible with one push of a button to block the Internet on all devices. Parents can also set individual users evening after a certain period no longer have access to the Internet. In the morning, the connection will be restored automatically.

Additionally, the device has a built AdBlocker on board and it is possible to create guest accounts. Circle with Disney ($ 99) is currently only available in the United States.

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