Intel chip on Raspberry- competitor

Intel chip on Raspberry- competitor

Tech October 16, 2015 15:58

- Chip manufacturer Intel has unveiled the first device that are super small Curie chip is supplied. It is able to use a new Arduino computer owners for self- construction projects, a bit like the Raspberry systems.

The Curie - chip is not only a processor but also includes hardware for Bluetooth, a small amount of working memory, and a motion sensor.

The chip is mainly designed for integration into portable gadgets. The computer - Arduino, Genuino named 101 , is not small enough for it, but allows users are in a position to make a prototype quickly or to provide for the first time, to work with a Curie - chip.

The computer is also very cheap : € 27.Like the Raspberry computers is also Genuino 101 partly intended for schools.

Students get acquainted with the principles of the program without having to make huge cost. The Genuino 101 is for sale in the first quarter of 2016.

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