Indians lose battle for oil pipeline

Indians lose battle for oil pipeline

World February 13, 2017 20:36

washington - A judge in Washington has ruled Monday that the construction of the last stretch of the infamous Dakota pipeline for transporting oil flowing. A group of Indians had the judge in the District of Columbia invited from the region concerned to stop the construction.

The Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux had argued that the Indians through the completion of the pipeline can not perform their religious ceremonies. The leadership is under more built by a lake where the surrounding land by the Indians is sacred to them.

The Dakota pipeline connecting the oil fields in North Dakota to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. The pipeline is 1885 kilometers long. The construction of the pipeline cost $ 3.8 billion (3.5 billion euros). President Trump decided by decree that the leadership despite protests by Indians and climate activists can get.

Lawyers are confident that the Indians now have no legal means to prevent the construction.

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