'Indian wanted to raise money with murder video'

World December 14, 2017 12:18

new delhi - An Indian man who had himself filmed while he was killing a Muslim hoped to get money-lenders. Hundreds of people actually made money. 'The suspect wanted to become a Hindu hero after he killed a Muslim,' said a police spokesman. 'His main goal was to raise money after his hate-induced crime.'

The police arrested the man after a Muslim man was minced and set on fire in the state of Rajasthan. The suspect had posted a video of the violence online. He also shared his bank details and urged people to donate money according to the police. He wanted to use that for an anti-Muslim campaign. Sympathizers converted almost 4000 euros.

The video received a lot of attention, but has now been taken offline by the authorities. The police spokesman said that the defendant stated in the video that he was a proud Hindu who tried to stop the so-called 'love jihad'. Hardliners use that term to describe Muslims who would tempt Hindu girls with the aim of converting them to Islam.

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