In three steps you import mail into Gmail

In three steps you import mail into Gmail

Tech July 18, 2016 08:39

- Once POP was the standard protocol for receiving mail. The downside is that POP mails and folders are not synchronized between devices. For that reason, mail services like Gmail handy because you can always and everywhere your mail. You can easily import your POP account in Gmail.

It is simple to configure Gmail as being brought in the mail from your POP account. For this you need the credentials of your email: username, password, and server for incoming mail. If you lose this information, you can ask them at the service provider with whom you registered your account.

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Request the details of your account on your provider, if you do not know.

Open Gmail in your browser and log in. Now right click on the icon with the gear, then Settings, Accounts and Import tab. Click the option to add a POP3 account. Enter the email address that you want to retrieve the mail, and click Next Step. Then you need to enter the user name, password, and POP server (incoming mail server). If your provider calls a specific port on the POP server, then you can fill in this port, if not you can leave the default.


With the data from the provider you give Gmail access to your account.

We recommend that you uncheck a copy of retrieved messages on the server, because you run the risk that your flooded server with mail (and now you're using Gmail, you can do when you retrieved mail everywhere). Optionally, do you choose to immediately hang a label on the mails from the account so you can easily identify the mail. Click Add Account to complete the import of your account.

The mail from your POP account is automatically retrieved by Gmail, but if you send mail, then you do that still using your Gmail address. Would you can also send through your POP address? Then go back to the Accounts and Import tab, and this time click Add another email address you send to the cup as Mail.

You can also send Gmail messages from your 'old' address.

Enter the name you want to appear as the sender and your (POP) address. You now need a user name, password (if specified) to specify a port of the outgoing server (SMTP), and then click Add Account. Now you can send mail with ease from your 'old' address, but via Gmail.

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