Imam As-Satty picked up religious fire

Imam As-Satty picked up religious fire

World August 21, 2017 05:06

ripoll - Village fellow in the Catalan Ripoll knew him as a fortified forties who never spoke and seemed temperate. To a house in a south-facing Alcanar, the air flew through a failed gas bottle bomb. The mysterious Moroccan imam Abdelbaki as-Satty could once be the brain behind the teenage brigade who performed the attacks in Spain.

Presumably, the As-Satty body was found yesterday under the ruins of Alcanar. Unless the imam has gone badly, the police can never feel more about how he inspired Younes Abouyaacoub (22)- still sought by the police- and his friends to massacre.

When it became clear that there were teenagers and young twenties behind the attack in Barcelona, ​​it was suspected that an older ronselaar was in the game. Young people in Ripoll say that after 2015, imam changed everything. Before that time, Abouyaacoub and his sizes were not interested in Islam. The imam picked up the religious fire. He would have had a poisonous effect on many more young men in the village.

As-Satty was not known as a salafist, let alone hate preacher. As far as known, statements are never aggressive. But there was little sight of what he did, because he rarely used to mix with other Muslims. Spanish media report that As-Satty was released in prison in 2012 after a conviction related to the horrific attacks in Madrid (2004). At the main warden documents from As-Satty have been found. According to Belgian media, he also had in prison contact with bomb maker Rachid Aglif.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Imam Abdelbaki as-Satty

Certainly the imam has strong ties with Belgium. By 2015 he would have traveled to Diegem and Vilvoorde a few times. Vilvoorde is a breeding ground of jihadists. According to Spanish neighbors, As-Satty even had plans for moving away. However, he did not have a residence permit. Shortly before the Barcelona attack, he announced he wanted to return to Morocco where he had children.

The im house in Ripoll is now embarked on DNA tracks. Thus, the police can determine if the body under the debris is indeed imam. And whether the youth of the Catalan terrorist cell came across the floor.

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