'I'm not afraid'

'I'm not afraid'

World July 25, 2017 05:06

woerden - The death threats at his address caused the wretched mayor Victor Molkenboer little fear. He does not say he is afraid to return to Holland after his holiday, but he will immediately report. 'These are unacceptable texts.'

'Molkenboer retirement or death' was stolen in the middle of Woerden on the road. The message was signed with 'greetings of drugs'. Meanwhile, the asphalt has been painted.

According to the mayor, the texts are from drug criminals, who are angry because they are taken out of their house as soon as they run against the lamp. 'We close down drug stores for months for residents. 'These are not popular decisions, Molkenboer knows,' but my signature is below. 'A number of dealer flows have been rolled up successfully. 'Apparently, evil causes blood. '

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