Illegal acrobat (21) picked out suitcase

Illegal acrobat (21) picked out suitcase

World July 7, 2016 15:51

bern - A 21-year-old man from Eritrea has been picked by the Swiss border in a tiny suitcase. The extremely lean man had himself folded so that he could crawl into the trunk and undetected by train from Italy could travel to Switzerland.

A spokesman for the border control was not difficult to see that there was a person in the case. 'The luggage was heavy and moving,' Mirco Ricci told the Swiss broadcaster RSI. The man turned out to be a companion 'resigned' in Milan and was discovered in the Swiss city of Ticino, a journey of more than three hours.

The Eritrean appeared to have no papers to travel to Switzerland, but he tried it too overuigen border guards really wanted to apply for asylum in the country. But who believed nothing of his story and sent the acrobat and his friend returned to Italy.
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