Icelanders elect new president

Icelanders elect new president

World June 25, 2016 10:33

- Amidst the euphoria about the successes of the national Eftal at the European Football Championship in France Saturday began the presidential election in Iceland.

245. Around 000 Icelanders are called to elect a new head of state. After the revelations in the Panama Papers about tax evasions through letterbox firms in other countries, voters have little confidence in the political leaders of their country. It is therefore not surprising that an outsider, the historian Gudni Jóhannesson, in recent weeks over the lead going into the polls. He can be heard regularly as an expert on radio and television and be seen and is therefore known to a wide audience.

Besides Jóhannesson things are eight candidates for the presidency. The current president, Ólafur Grimsson Ranar, find it after twenty years wells.
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The polling stations close until midnight.

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