' I could have been there '

' I could have been there '

World November 14, 2015 12:15

paris - Weeping men, cursing and a lot of misunderstanding. Paris is, 12 hours after the bloodiest attack since World War II, woke up in an unreal world. Especially at the Bataclan, where a hundred unsuspecting concertgoers death cruelly felt, dominates bewilderment. And anger.

A few torn sneakers is displaced by bloody asphalt. Just down a ripped shirt. There is not much to see, but which is not obscured by police vans, tremble.,null, Horrible ", evokes a Parisian man angry before he swears and spits on the ground. The police send him away: no one should remain silent for too long in the place of the disaster. Women are angry, a man burst into tears. EerbetoonBloemen are hardly any. Two bunches are stacked with care against a crush barrier. The police does not agree with the place of roses and move them. With much caution explains a member of the gendarmerie, machine gun in one hand and roses in the other, the tribute about fifty meters away. Left of the flowers is a garbage can right a trail of blood, a bloody latex glove and a tube which must belong to a drip.,null, I'm a fan of the band who performed here, "says a young Frenchman.,null, It's unreal. I could have been there. You could stand there. "He turns his face away. In the background driving police cars, identifiable and disguised, back and forth. Not at one time lived with sirens and screeching tires, sometimes in utter tranquility. The shrill whistle of the young, bald cop who divorces viewers, works on the nerves. Meelevenden go with him in debate.,null, Go home, "said the agent. But the Frenchmen do not want to go home. They want to know what happened, how the place of hell on Earth looked like. Because they could be there myself...                                                                                                                                         Photo: AFP                                          

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