Hundreds of Japanese are stuck in train for 15 hours

World January 12, 2018 08:57

tokio - Hundreds of people had to spend the night in a crowded train due to heavy snowfall in Japan. The unfortunate passengers were detained for more than fifteen hours, the Japanese broadcaster NHK reported.

The passengers did not have a pleasant night behind them. Many people had to stand because of the crowds. One man complained about dehydration and would have been transferred to the hospital. The authorities also removed two women from the wagons that had become unwell.

The train was stuck on Thursday at the beginning of the evening at the city of Sanjō in Niigata prefecture. The wagons could have derailed if they had driven further, the rail company said. In some places, the usual amount of snow had fallen to ten times.

Staff members had to remove snow at the bottom of the trainsets. Then the train could continue its journey on Friday morning. Around 430 people could leave the train. Previously, other stranded passengers were already picked up by family members.

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