'Humanitarian aid can not go to IS convoy'

'Humanitarian aid can not go to IS convoy'

World September 2, 2017 15:15

beirut - US fighter seizures prevent humanitarian aid from reaching a convoy of hundreds of IS warriors and their relatives. That's what the Lebanese movement Hezbollah reported on Saturday. It's about eleven buses from the convoy that ran into territory under the control of Islamic State.

The coalition led by the United States has been trying to prevent the convoy since Tuesday. For this purpose, the road was bombarded by the buses, as well as a bridge. The convoy has since been trying to find a new route.

Even now, the coalition says that all attempts to reach IS area will be distorted. She does not intend to confront the convoy with bombs, since besides IS-fighters there are also civilians aboard. According to Hezbollah, it includes old-age, pregnant women and wounded.

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