Hug will be placed boy costly

Hug will be placed boy costly

World October 14, 2015 06:07

- He was so happy when his aunt came to visit birthday . The eight -year-old Sean Tarala from New York flew his aunt Jennifer Connell of joy in their arms. The hug , however, ended up on the ground and aunt had a broken wrist to the emergency room . Four years later, the aunt still seems angry. She demands of the now 12 -year-old Sean amount of $ 127 000 .

"My life has not been the same since" , as Jennifer explained to the court . She calls it especially very difficult to walk to the third floor of her apartment in Manhattan . This seems strange given the fact that you are there especially your legs need. But also her social life has been destroyed by it , she says. "I was recently at a party and could not even hold the bowl with hors -d'oeuvre ".

According to her, had her nephew " should know better " when he found her in the arms jump. She let on at first nothing to not ruin his birthday party. Now, four years later , Sean and his father listened to the story with big eyes in the courtroom . A hug to make up for it 's not in there . . . The 54 -year-old Jennifer has itself no children. Sean is the indictment of his auntie Jen extra sour because he did last year even though his mother lost through illness .

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