How one woman was in the bloodshed at US primary school

How one woman was in the bloodshed at US primary school

World March 4, 2018 10:48

atlanta - Antoinette Tuff managed to prevent a bloodbath in 2013 in a primary school in the American city of Atlanta. Her story, perhaps more relevant than ever, has been filmed and nominated for an Oscar.

Antoinette Tuff worked as a bookkeeper at primary school in Atlanta, but on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 she accepted as a receptionist at the entrance of the school building. This is how Nieuwsblad reports.

Together with a teacher, Antoinette fulfilled the task as a secretary that day, until fate struck. The then 20-year-old Michael Hill walked into the school building that day. Armed with an AK-47 with almost 500 bullets. Ready to start a massacre. Antoinette initially thought it was a joke. 'This is not a joke, we are all going today', said Michael Hill.

Antoinette remained calm. 'It's all right, honey. I want you to know that I love you, 'she told the young man who later turned out to be bipolar. She told about her own suicidal thoughts after her husband left her.

In retrospect, Antoinette has no idea how she can stay so calm. 'He was already unstable so if I screamed, we would only panic both. That would have meant the death of all of us, 'she tells the Daily Mail.

Antoinette had a chance to escape, but she wanted to keep the young man at the reception so that he would not go further into the school. At that time, some 870 children and over a hundred staff members were present in the school building.

Under force of Michael, Antoinette had to call the police to let him know that he would open the fire. Within no time the police were present on a large scale around the building. Michael went out twice and fired at the agents. Meanwhile Antoinette continued to talk as quietly as possible with the young man.

'Eventually he decided to put the weapon on the reception', the woman explains to the Daily Mail. Michael lay down on the floor with his hands behind his back and told Antoinette that she could call the police to come in and arrest him. That happened.

The story of the heroic Antoinette is now filmed. The film, called 'Faith Under Fire: The Antoinette Tuff Story', has been nominated for an Oscar.

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