How does a headphone of half a ton !

How does a headphone of half a ton !

Tech November 17, 2015 17:00

- A bit of good headphones have now since a few bucks, but if you want quality, you can make it as crazy as you want. Sennheiser proves that with the Orpheus headphones that cost a whopping € 50,000. How such ultra expensive gadget sounds now?

The Orpheus is the successor of the same name launched in the 90s headphones. The goal was then- and now again with the sequel- to make the best headphones in the world. If the company can be believed, sound specialists have over ten years working on the design of this new version. Of Orpheus there are currently only three copies and is now traveling the world. The device also paused at the office of Sennheiser in Almere, where exclusive listening sessions took place for invited guests. On first acquaintance with the Orpheus immediately clear where a substantial portion of the money is invested in. Thus, the corresponding tube amplifier, wherein the tubes are made of quartz glass, placed in a block of Italian marble. That is, according to the makers good for the attenuation, so that vibrations in the sound may be less. In the electrostatic headphones sitting itself two amplifiers and the sound is generated by two 2.4 micrometer thin platinum membrane. In short, no expense spared. Music I was advised to take own music, preferably favorite CDs and songs I've heard dozens or hundreds of times. That way I would at his best the difference between "normal" headphones can hear. So I put together a playlist of several music to test with the Orpheus: Johnny Cash 'Hurt to Raining Blood by Slayer and My Name Is Jonas Weezer to Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan. Also passed some rap (Wu-Tang Clan and Run The Jewels) and blues (Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan) are reviewed. Details The key question is of course: you can hear a difference with less expensive ones? This difference appears to him above all in the details. The sound from the Orpheus is so crystal clear it with your eyes closed as if you yourself are in the recordings in the studio. While listening to Hurt suddenly I heard something beside me, as if someone sat down beside me. But there was none. Just rewind the song and yes: the recording you hear someone move very subtly on the left. Maybe someone who is going to shift position while playing? Anyway, I've heard Hurt literally hundreds of times, but this was never noticed me. But the difference lies not only in this kind gebbetjes- there you finally buy a headset from € 50. 000. The sound in general is just incredibly bright. Even in heavy metal classic tracks like Raining Blood by Slayer you in the hectic without problems keep all instruments crisp apart. The Orpheus is set to sound as neutral as possible, and it shows especially when playing the bass. These are not exaggerated and listening rapnummers you can clearly hear that it was produced to be listened on speakers or headphones which they show better come forward, because at the Orpheus sounds a bit tamer and less overwhelming. Experience The Orpheus is the McLaren F1 in headphones. You must be very well off to afford one, but even a round ride is quite an experience. Personally, I would never want to spend so much money on a pair of headphones, but I'm glad I know how beautiful music can sound like you have an unlimited budget. Sennheiser's ambition is too short listening sessions in the future to make more accessible, but what form it will take and in what time this happens is not yet known.

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