House USA : Put visa-free travel restricted

House USA : Put visa-free travel restricted

World December 9, 2015 07:42

- The US House of Representatives on Tuesday by a large majority approved a proposal to travel visa-free to the United States to lay partly restricted. Foreigners who in recent years have visited countries like Syria or Iraq, according to the plan should still reapply for a visa.

The proposal is intended to improve security in the country. Currently, citizens of 38 countries, including the Netherlands without a visa to travel to the US. Every year some 20 million people use the program. Only those who want to stay longer than ninety days, or wish to work in the country must have a visa to date.

Participating countries are sharing, the proposal requires information about potential terrorists by the US authorities. Also, all 38 countries to start issuing biometric passports. That should prevent the travel documents are forged.

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