House of Representatives supports Tax Law

World December 19, 2017 20:21

washington - The US House of Representatives, in which the Republicans are largely in the majority, Tuesday, as expected, agreed to the bill by President Donald Trump to drastically reform the tax system.

227 parliamentarians were in favor, 203 against. Twelve Republicans agreed with the united opposition.

The law now goes on to the Senate, where the members take a decision in the course of the evening (local time). In the Senate, the Republican majority is small. If both chambers of the Congress agree, then Trump may sign his signature on Wednesday, which means the biggest tax revision in thirty years.

Companies and wealthy Americans will benefit most from the tax cuts. The Republicans are counting on a substantial improvement in the economy. Democrats are complaining about the growing gap between rich and poor and the further increase of the already gigantic government debt by 1.5 trillion dollars in ten years.

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