Hotel Brand in Dubai

Hotel Brand in Dubai

World December 31, 2015 20:07

- In the heart of Dubai New Year's Eve a huge fire broke out in the Hotel Brand. The flames have been seen for miles around.

It's the five star Address Downtown Hotel, right next to the Burj Khalifa - at 828 meters the tallest building in the world.

Burning debris falling down. According to local media, people are evacuated from the apartment.

It's the five star Hotel Brand in Dubai

Burning building has nearly two hundred rooms and is estimated to more than six hundred apartments. When it flew about 300 meters high hotel on fire, like many thousands of people gathered in the center of Dubai to ring in the new year. The big fireworks show is not far from the scene of the fire planned. According to authorities, civil protection, there are no injuries in the fire cases and New Year festivities will close as planned.

According to an eyewitness who spoke SkyNews news, the fire started on a balcony. Fire breaks on one side of the building around him and rages at it now appears on more than twenty floors.





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