'Horror Murder by flakka in Flordia'

'Horror Murder by flakka in Flordia'

World August 16, 2016 17:09

- A couple in Flordia came Monday cruelly at their end. The couple was in their home stabbed to death in Martin County, according to the police due to a man who was under the influence of zombie drug flakka.

The attacker was such the world that he had eaten the faces of the couple. 'He bit the victim in the face and removed pieces of skin with his teeth,' the sheriff against local media. It is thought that the man was under the influence of flakka or the synthetic drug bath salts.

Agents who arrived quickly on the spot, struggled to turn off the attacker. A taser had little effect. The man was finally overpowered and is transmitted by a large police force to the hospital.
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The man next to the couple was a neighbor to. Police speak of completely random victims.

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