Hitler's portrait of young lover for sale

Hitler's portrait of young lover for sale

World April 5, 2018 18:18

nurnberg - The German auction house Weidler brings an oil painting next week under the hammer that has been attributed to Adolf Hitler. The signed 1916 canvas of 63 by 48 centimeters, according to Werner Maser, who wrote several books about the Nazi leader, the young French Charlotte Lobjoie. Hitler would have had a relationship with her during the First World War when he served as a soldier in France.

The image of the girl with a red cloth over her head and a pitchfork over the shoulder was bought by Flemish industrialists around 1967, according to Weidler. The family has now offered it for auction. The asking price is 60,000 euros.

Hitler earned his living as a painter in the 1920s before he came to power in Germany. His work is not known as that of a master, but due to the historical value sometimes large amounts are paid for it. Weidler sold a watercolor of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria in 2015 with the signature A. Hitler for a ton of Chinese collector. A year earlier, a watercolor painting by Hitler from the old town hall in Munich yielded 130.00 euros. It was valued at 50 mille.

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